In May 2018, I designed and facilitated a workshop for the Pacific Business Trust as part of  a long term collaboration.

An all-minds-on-deck full-day session was planned with staff and I took them through an Introduction to Accelerating Technologies Workshop.

As I do on my tailored workshops, we jointly delivered it in three parts. The overarching goals were:

Build a foundation of knowledge of accelerating technologies and an 
understanding of global and emerging trends.
  • Bring awareness of global trends by documenting, developing and 
showcasing current efforts underway across the globe with an applicable Pacific Business Trust lens.
  • Reframe roadblocks into grand challenges and share new tools, processes and outcomes to enable innovation and adopt homegrown technologies and global best practice.
  • Map out hotspots of grand challenges and derive themes and tracks for Fiscal Year funding.
  • Identify the language that we want to use to reflect the culture and leadership of the Pacific Business Trust as it relates to accelerating technologies.
  • Initiate a process of facilitating SME introductions for impact projects.
    Develop a new lens and strategy for funding and outreach.


If you’d like to bring this experience to your teams as a full-day or half-day workshop, please get in touch.