A 10-city tour of New Zealand sponsored by the Royal New Zealand College Of General Practitioners took place in 2018.

Circuit for 2018:

Auckland                          31       May

Invercargill                      28       June

Cromwell                        18*/25* August   [TBC]

Palmerston North      20         November

Gisborne                        22          November

Nelson                            28          November

                                      Four final cities          TBD

Talk Abstract:
Understanding a patient’s genes and molecular make up through a new generation of diagnostics, equipment and computational analysis can help us reimagine medical decisions, recommendations and tailor care to individual patients.

In this talk, we will explore the emerging model of wellness and care given advances in our understanding of genetics & gene therapies, artificial intelligence, remote diagnostics and robotics which will help us tailor individualised care to our patients.

As the talks take place through the year, the content is updated and tailored for the audience size and interests.

Networking Opportunity:
If you would like to meet me in any of the cities of the circuit, please get in touch.

Work Sample: 
You can view the Auckland Faculty Annual General Meeting talk slides here: