IDEAS, is a gathering for a very select group (about 30 people), to be held at the Autodesk offices in San Francisco with the CEO, CTO and Autodesk’s long term, strategic thinkers. The event took place August 30 and 31. At this IDEAS,  The Impact of Social Media on the Art and Science of Design was discussed. 

Social media in all its forms—Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and a myriad of other digital services —is a big topic and getting bigger every day. We examine the technologies, companies, users, applications, and drivers of change today, and envision their impact on several industries—video game production, consumer product design and fashion design— to better prepare for a social media driven world of the future.

Autodesk IDEAS is an intimate gathering of people that Autodesk believes can help answer questions they don’t have answers to as they work to help shape and participate in the future.

Watch the video from the event here:



The slide deck shared to the Autodesk IDEAS participants follows: