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Keynote Talk: “Creation, Creativity & Crowdfunding” | Blended Learning and Technologies Forum 2019

In May 2019, I hosted the quarterly meeting of e-Learning practitioners across New Zealand at the Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA Northern). During the 3-part event had a…

Talk: “The Singularity is Diversity” for EMA’s Digi_X & TechWeek NZ ’19

In May 2019, I gave a talk at Digi_X Digital Decisions 2019. The event was organized by The Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA Northern) and it took place…

Talk: “The Age of Smiths” at Telco & Digital Service Futures Conference by Competenz

In March 2019, I was invited to be a speaker for the Telco & Digital Service Futures Conference in Auckland, New Zealand. The event explored converging technologies for…

Workshop collaboration: Be.Institute’s Future Scenarios Project.

The insights from this project will underpin the emerging Be. Lab – Aotearoa’s first centre of access innovation.

Opening Speaker: Autodesk 2020 – The Shape Of Things to Come

In August 2017, I was invited by Autodesk to share my perception of the future of Manufacturing and Generative Design.

Closing Keynote Speaker: PRINZ 2017

In May 2017, I was the Closing Keynote Speaker for PRINZ 2017 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Speaker: Newkind Festival in Tasmania

In March 2017, the Tactile Education team shared the journey of building new educational experiences through accesible technologies in Tasmania.

Startup Weekend Auckland

In November 2016, I participated in Startup Weekend Auckland and represented MESHED.

SingularityU New Zealand Summit.

In November 2016, I secured patronage for a group of 10 participants from Manurewa High School to attend the SU NZ Summit and spark their potential to solve New Zealand’s grand challenges.

Tactile Sound

Tactile Sound is the Open Source Engine to make IoT beacons playback audio through a Raspberry Pi. It was developed at the Open Source Open Society 2016 Hackathon.

Open Source Open Society 2016

In August 2016, I participated in the #OSOS16 Conference and represented MESHED, a collective of volunteers and organizations that develop STEAM projects for youth and community in South+ West Auckland.

Semi Permanent 2016

In August 2016, Google New Zealand sponsored my attendance to Semi-Permanent. SP is a global creative and design thinking platform.

Drones – #SMCAKL Speaker: The NZ Roadless Economy

In July 2016, I was invited to be a guest speaker and panelist for the Social Media Club Auckland meet-up on Drones.

June 2016: Strategy & Consulting – Future Of Work by NZ Labour Party

In June 2016, I participated in the Labour Party Future Of Work Commission session on the implications for the ICT sector -and related sectors- in knowledge-intensive manufacturing and services industries.

Volunteer: Makerhood

I am volunteering with MESHED, a collaborative of designers, thinkers and hackers to develop community-based initiatives for makerspaces.

Speaker: Future of Learning at Blended Learning & Technologies Forum

This presentation was an introduction to exponential technologies for an audience of designers and developers of workforce training materials.

Participant: Global Service Design Jam 2016

In March 2016, I participated in the Global Service Design Jam. Our team developed a unique service to reduce the water usage in cities through an IoT approach in faucets.

Building a talking forest with next-generation sensors at NatureHack Hackathon in New Zealand

In November 2015, I participated in the NatureHack hackathon which happened after a successful business introduction to New Zealand of Swedish provider Confetti and Sqore to enable the C Prize UAV competition also in 2015.

Fellowship Participant: Inaugural MIT SOLVE 2015

In October 2015, I was invited with a fellowship to participate in the inaugural SOLVE Conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Research Trip: Synthetic Biology at iGEM 2015

In September 2016, I attended the iGEM 2015 conference to learn more about the field of Synthetic Biology and how youth are developing a new wave of citizen science projects, new digital workflows for pioneering research and civic engagement.

Participant: Business Innovation Factory 2015 Summit

In September 2015, I was invited by Saul Kaplan to the BIF2015 Summit.

Semi Permanent 2015

In July 2015, I attended Semi Permanent for the first time. This is a gathering of Designers and Marketing professionals.

Participant: Global Service Design Jam 2015

People who are interested in service design and using design-based approaches to problem solving and creativity will meet all over the globe.

Kiwi Foo 2015

In February 2015, I was invited to attend Kiwi FOO 2015 ! Kiwi Foo Camp is a private gathering of around 150 people from New Zealand, Australia, and the…

TEDxAuckland 2014

I am on the core organizing team for TEDxAuckland.