In March 2011, I was invited by Sir Robert Swan, OBE,  to be part of the 2011 E-Base Mission. The E-Base is located on the edge of the Russian Bellingshausen base in King George Island, Antarctica.

My duties included:

  • Be the primary point of contact between the Chilean and Russian bases for the activities of the team.
  • Assist and document the upgrades made by a team of 5 engineers from CLP Holdings Inc.
    • Installation of a new wind turbine
    • Installation of a new weather station with no moving parts
    • Automation of data relay system through new SIMcard modem from Antarctica to Hong Kong
    • Servicing of battery array
    • Testing of new water heating and water boiling prototypes.
  • Create educational podcasts for use in Elementary and Secondary schools (K12).
  • Create educational podcasts for use in Higher Education.
  • Provide updates to the @IAE11 twitter account and upload photos of the daily activities of the team.
  • Engage with schools and coordinate video/audio calls via Skype.
    • Two calls in Australia
    • Seven calls in the United States of America
    • Three calls in the United Kingdom


As part of the media outreach, I collaborated with to have the 2041 E-Base listed as the first innovation hotspot in their new Innovation Directory.  Further,  in this collaboration, a video of Sir Robert Swan was recorded in the E-Base for the promotion of and this video was displayed in their homepage during the launch week.


You can see the video here: