Inspire Antarctica Expedition 2011


I participated in an expedition to Antarctica in March 2011. The program, Inspire Antarctica Expedition 2011,   was organized by a California-based Non-Profit called 2041: For the Preservation of Antarctica.



What I did in Antarctica:

Recorded and produced an educational podcasting series.

I firmly believe that knowledge sharing doesn’t happen anymore in a closed room or in a boring slideshow. It is anything but passive or individual: it is mobile, it is engaging, it is experiential. It goes beyond borders and it should aspire to be delightful!

For this expedition, I secured a domain: where I will mash the content under a Creative Commons license.

For the podcasting content, a curriculum suitable for K12 is being developed.

All assets will be shared not only online but facilitated in workshops, round tables and similar face-to-face engagements (which I think are the most important).


Why Antarctica?

As part of IAE 2011, it is my aim to be an advocate for our planet and help strengthen a network of international leaders who foster new technologies, policies and frameworks to create awareness of the impacts that human actions have in Antarctica, many times thought to be ‘‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’’.

The fragile ecosystem of Antarctic Peninsula contains 91% of the world’s ice and 70% of all fresh water. 2041 is when the ban on drilling and mining in Antarctica ends.

A rise of 2.5 C (4F) has happened since the 1940s. If all of Antarctica where to melt, it is predicted that the sea level would rise over 20 feet.





Passion, Purpose & Precedent.

My passion is interconnecting people. I am interested in being part of the Inspire Antarctica Expedition (IAE) 2011 as the Oceans are dear in my heart. In 2007, I attended a unique study abroad program that took place in a dedicated passenger cruise ship and sailed around the world for 16 weeks.

Being at sea for 110 days of my life was a transformative experience. It brought me closer to realize how precious our readily limited resources are and how important education, passion and commitment are to preserve the only planet we can presently share our existence with other species.




How can sponsors get involved?

I think there is a strong opportunity for brands to get involved either sponsoring the podcasting series and educational engagements leading to the 2012 Inspire Antarctica Expedition.


The Inspire Antarctica Expedition is a unique opportunity for organizations & companies to:

  • Associate with a progressive cause in the minds of everyone
  • Showcase commitment to education, corporate stewardship + values
  • Generate brand awareness through products, services and expedition support




What happens after Antarctica?

My commitment is to edit the content and format it in close coordination for use in K12 as well as for use in

Podcasts would be released weekly in early Summer through Fall 2011.

I will also make myself available to travel around the country and abroad to engage with local communities and bring back what I learned to the expedition sponsors.

Lets set sail together.

#IamOcean and so can you.


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  1. Special Update:

    I have received a grant for the program fees!

    At this time I am planning the trip and need to cover my airplane, special clothing and gear.

    Thank you for your support!


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