At a glance:

  • An assessment of your existing Instructional Product
  • We recommend changes and best practices tailored to the learner profile, learning objectives and learning outcomes
  • We raise any suggestions to  deployed  IT infrastructure
  • We can mitigate pain points and set a timeline for deployment

IT Systems & User Experience Audit

Client provides a system status and any planned upgrades or changes.

Recommendations for remediation and critical fixes are noted.

We conduct a deep dive of immediate pain points.

We work through a mitigation strategy and we also build a pathway for improvements and fit-for-purpose instructional products.

Client completes critical fixes & recommendations to infrastructure.

Learner Needs Analysis Canvas for instructional products is made.

Client provides Learning Objectives, Learning Outcomes and Storyboard. Client receives suggestions for best practice on Instructional Design, Adult Learning Theories, applied frameworks and methods.

Query of assumptions, blind spots, fit and learner support.