I was the Instructional Designer in a team of three developing a compulsory workforce training program called “Multicultural Competence Foundations” that began rollout in August of 2009 to the 7,400+ workforce of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, OR, USA.


The program was developed in just 7 weeks.

Given the resource and monetary constraints, the  development of this training program involved open source software, templates and plugins. At the time, WordPress2.8.2 was used as the Content Management System, while a backup slide deck was also developed and delivered.
The intent was to develop a social  intranet and the content had to be accessible and formatted in a way that commenting on blog posts could be turned on at a later stage.

A highlight of the module developed was that all imagery was generated by the employees and this created engagement on the workforce because there were no “happy faces” on stock images. This was real people and we took the diversity of shooting stiles of photos as an asset of diversity.


You can preview the website that was created here:


OHSU Content Management System Frontpage

“Flash-less” animations using anti-aliased text.

OHSU Training CMS with CODA slider

Integrated Content Management System using AJAX.

OHSU Content Management System with 800x600 interface elements.

OHSU Content Management System with high-res media.


You can preview the whole training material here:



This workforce development training program represented an investment of 4,000 workforce hours.


During my time working at OHSU, I provided Presentation Design, basic computer skill training and tailored training programs for computer skills to OHSU union employees.

Recommendation letter available upon request.