In August 2016, I joined Astronomers Without Borders as part of the development of Tactile Education and Tactile Astronomy.

As part of my affiliation with Astronomers Without Borders, we will develop resource materials for Global Astronomy Month (April)  2017.


wevolver-logoThe global repository of our work will be accesible through the WEVOLVER platform in real time under the tenants of open innovation and open source development.


Why does it matter to me to join Astronomers Without Borders?

Because Tactile Astronomy abides by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).


I. Article 4.1G
Undertake research and development of, and promote availability and use of new technologies.

II. Article 9
Accessibility, to participate fully in all areas of life on an equal basis with others.

III. Article 24
Providing reasonable accommodation and individualized support to maximize effective education and academic development.