I was invited to share my impressions with Idealog about the 2015 RPAS Symposium in Masterton, New Zealand.

New Zealand’s progressive airspace governance puts it in a leading position to strategically harness the economic potential offered by a roadlesss economy.

To power ahead, New Zealand needs a flexible and sensible airspace regulation regime, a balancing act not a lot of countries have achieved or managed to build proper governance around.

Recently, New Zealand held its first symposium of Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS), to celebrate the centenary of aviation. This was a unique opportunity to meet and greet private industry, curious engineers, designers and government officials from all areas of this new economic engine.

Here’s the future: We will have more micro-vehicles in integrated skies in the next decade than we ever have had helicopters, small airplanes and larger aircraft. Ever.