Between 2013 & 2014, I worked as a Learning & Design Strategy Consultant for the Culture and Capability Team of ASB in Auckland, New Zealand.

In this role, I developed extensive relationships with external vendors and outsourcing partners. As a Learning Design Consultant, in 2014, I saved ASB Bank in New Zealand over NZD $460,000 on the design, development and deployment of the continuous improvement initiative Worksmart Essentials Training Program across the 4,700+ strong workforce of ASB Bank across New Zealand.



High Level Overview of WorkSmart Essentials, 2014.


Desired High Level Learner Outcomes of WorkSmart Essentials

High Level Learner Outcomes of WorkSmart Essentials, 2014


Initial Draft of Learning Objectives & Outcomes (Institutional KPI Balancing)

Initial Draft of Learning Objectives & Outcomes (Institutional KPI Balancing), 2014


Storyboard & Wireframe:


WorkSmart Essentials Storyboard



Between 2013 and 2014, over 70% of my responsibilities lied with my manager-once removed, the Head Of Learning & Development and drafting all of the  design and development of the 2014 Capability & Learning Strategy for ASB Bank.


Strategy work was done weekly with monthly workshops to all of Learning & Development (3 groups, 25+ people). Here are photos of these workshops:



I developed the Learner-Centered Strategy in 2014 for ASB Bank. This was the initial near-shoring of a process towards Design Thinking.



Other reports in the “Digital Savvy” efforts of the bank included work in teaching GMs of the desired approach and explaining “why” in effective ways:


My work also influenced the creation of new Curation roles as a transition into Learner-Centred modalities of learning. The focus had been on mLearning, Performance Support & Mobile Strategy. The portfolio of work also included the first program developed with iPad compatibility in mind. I also developed extensive relationships with external vendors and outsourcing partners.


At ASB Bank in New Zealand, I also managed the following areas on new project development: new end-to-end process for workforce training & development, development of technical design recommendations, technical specifications and requirements, stakeholder management across external vendors, subject matter experts and business partners.



The skills brought this job were:

  • Design Thinking
  • Exponential Technology awareness & new product offerings
  • Competitive research & analysis
  • Experience Design & brand loyalty



Other  internal innovation & storytelling programs I led:


  • TEDxASBGroup TEDx Licensee & Curator for the only active TEDx Corporate License in New Zealand. 
  • New Kiwi support & banking orientation through Auckland Regional Migrant Services (ARMS).
  • Speaking engagements with Youth across New Zealand and Pacific Island Nations.
  • Creating awareness of Startup Weekend events & fostering a culture of entrepreneurship.