Symbia, c.Cam and e.Cam Multi Modality Imaging Research – September 2005 to June 2006

In 2005, I worked as a Molecular Imaging Research & Development Engineer in the Systems Engineering Group at Siemens Healthcare in Hoffman Estates, IL, USA.

At Siemens I developed IEEC  benchmarking tests for the new generation of medical detectors that began to be sold in 2008 in the Symbia, e.Cam and c.Cam product lines. This benchmark was done over the span of 9 months and included heavily regulated documentation and compliance tests that where scheduled by me with minimal supervision.

Planning and convening meetings across the 120+ Engineering workforce and coordinating a $12M USD equipment test bay was also part of my job responsibilities. The immediate result of these benchmarks allowed the product to be sold in The People’s Republic of China, it allowed the Engineering department to plan future detector development roadmaps and determine its value against competitor products.

I also managed relationships either on-site or through industry conferences, participated in engineering hardware reviews with outsourcing partners in Israel for the ElectroCardiogram (ECG) module that was installed in Symbia (SPECT/CT medical equipment). This involved vendor relations as well as FDA inspections for US compliance.

Other duties as assigned:

Redesigned USD$12.3M engineering research lab layout and usability guidelines for unprecedented yearly savings in efficiency opportunity, at least increasing productivity by 60% by reducing scheduling conflicts 80% among other benefits.