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Drones: Interview for Platoon Magazine

For the mobility-focused issue of Platoon Magazine I was interviewed about ARIA and our vision for a Roadless Economy.

Drones: Enabling the C Prize Competition

In 2014, I assisted in the development of strategic business relationship with Swedish provider Sqore to enable the innovation competition to take place in 2015.

A Path to a Roadless World – Platoon Interview

With ARIA, Arturo sets his sights even higher this year, working towards the development of a new roadless transport system, which will be a revolution in logistics and will provide a more democratic way to gain equal access to isolated regions all around the world.

FastCompany Interview about Matternet

Think of it as the Jetsons meets Mother Theresa: “We want to shift the paradigm and say, do you really need roads?” explains Matternet team member Arturo Pelayo