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Speaker: «Paving the way for The Roadless Economy» at the European UAV Trade Show in London UK

In November 2018, as Co-founder of Aria Logistics and Matternet, I was invited to give a talk in Europe’s largest commercial UAV trade show in London UK. We…

Drones – #SMCAKL Speaker: The NZ Roadless Economy

In July 2016, I was invited to be a guest speaker and panelist for the Social Media Club Auckland meet-up on Drones.

Drones: Interview for Platoon Magazine

For the mobility-focused issue of Platoon Magazine I was interviewed about ARIA and our vision for a Roadless Economy.

Speaker: Capital Raising for the Roadless Economy.

As a 3-part workshop engagement with the Innovation Liberation Front, I helped co-facilitate a specific session on raising capital for UAV startups.

The session focused on IP creation, protection, understanding how a startup works and how it works in the context of UAVs and New Zealand regulations.

Design Strategy: UAV’s & Disruptive Innovation.

I partnered with The Innovation Liberation Front on a 3-part workshop to help jumpstart the New Zealand Roadless Economy. My talk focused on giving an understanding of the field, what the trends are and what potential applications exist with the current technology horizons.

Drones: Enabling the C Prize Competition

In 2014, I assisted in the development of strategic business relationship with Swedish provider Sqore to enable the innovation competition to take place in 2015.

Speaker: AUT COLAB on Drones

In March 2015, I spoke at AUT COLAB about the emergence of the New Zealand Roadless Economy.

The Guardian UK

«We are already securing air space in many countries to enable developers to test autonomous open-source systems of their own.»

The Economist – Technology Quarterly – December 2012

«[ARIA believes] the matternet should be free, open and based on standardised protocols, just like the internet»

New Zealand life begins.

Today I relocated to New Zealand with a new Permanent Residence.

FastCompany co.Exist

«Pelayo imagines all sorts of uses for the open-source drone network once it gets up and running.»

ARIA at Burning Man 2012

I am in a project with ARIA in collaboration with Reallocate to build an ope source Unmanned Aerial System (UAS).

A Path to a Roadless World – Platoon Interview

With ARIA, Arturo sets his sights even higher this year, working towards the development of a new roadless transport system, which will be a revolution in logistics and will provide a more democratic way to gain equal access to isolated regions all around the world.

BBC interview

The BBC recently interviewed me about our plans for building the internet of atoms. Matternet will make our vision of a roadless world a reality.

FastCompany Interview about Matternet

Think of it as the Jetsons meets Mother Theresa: «We want to shift the paradigm and say, do you really need roads?» explains Matternet team member Arturo Pelayo

Co-founder at Matternet

I am Co-Founder of Matternet, a Singularity University company that will alleviate poverty and accelerate economic growth for the rising billion through a roadless transportation network.