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(English) The Spinoff Interview for Tactile Astronomy.

(English) In November 2016, I was interviewed by The Spinoff about Tactile Astronomy and my perspective on innovation in NZ Inc.

(English) Tactile Astronomy on Radio New Zealand

(English) In October 2016, Tactile Astronomy was featured on This Way Up! from Radio New Zealand.

Drones: Interview for Platoon Magazine

For the mobility-focused issue of Platoon Magazine I was interviewed about ARIA and our vision for a Roadless Economy.

Interview Podcast: Empathy & Genetic Makerspaces

In March 2016, I was interviewed for the Point Of Learning Podcast by Network For Learning (N4L) New Zealand on Synthetic Biology, Makerspaces… and the role of mentorship.

Design Strategy: UAV’s & Disruptive Innovation.

I partnered with The Innovation Liberation Front on a 3-part workshop to help jumpstart the New Zealand Roadless Economy. My talk focused on giving an understanding of the field, what the trends are and what potential applications exist with the current technology horizons.

Drones: Building a Roadless Economy

  I was invited to share my impressions with Idealog about the 2015 RPAS Symposium in Masterton, New Zealand. New Zealand’s progressive airspace governance puts it in a…

«Technology helps blind kids ‘see’ stars»

An innovative Kiwi is about to teach astronomy to blind students with the help of 3D printer technology. It will be a first for New Zealand’s education system with a pilot programme set to launch next year.

Six ideas for a better New Zealand.

In September 2014, I was invited to share ideas for a better New Zealand as part of Fairfax Media’s «If I was the Prime Minister» series.

Video Question for the PM Candidates | 2014 NZ Election

I am honored to be part of Derek Handley’s #TheShoulderTap community. As part of our community efforts, I was asked by the team at Fairfax Media (Sunday Star Times…

An Idea for the next NZ Prime Minister

In early September 2014, I was asked for an idea to build in New Zealand «if I was the Prime Minister». The article was printed in the Sunday…

#theshouldertap 100

In March 2014, I was nominated to #theshouldertap, a movement in New Zealand to create targeted change by activating community leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, scientists, thinkers and doers from… Blog & CNN México

  Eoghan Macguire interviewed me for  CNN’s The Gateway blog:    Going off-road used to mean tearing up dirt tracks in a powerful four-by-four or gigantic monster truck….

The Guardian UK

«We are already securing air space in many countries to enable developers to test autonomous open-source systems of their own.»

The Economist – Technology Quarterly – December 2012

«[ARIA believes] the matternet should be free, open and based on standardised protocols, just like the internet»

FastCompany co.Exist

«Pelayo imagines all sorts of uses for the open-source drone network once it gets up and running.»

A Path to a Roadless World – Platoon Interview

With ARIA, Arturo sets his sights even higher this year, working towards the development of a new roadless transport system, which will be a revolution in logistics and will provide a more democratic way to gain equal access to isolated regions all around the world.

BBC interview

The BBC recently interviewed me about our plans for building the internet of atoms. Matternet will make our vision of a roadless world a reality.

FastCompany Interview about Matternet

Think of it as the Jetsons meets Mother Theresa: «We want to shift the paradigm and say, do you really need roads?» explains Matternet team member Arturo Pelayo

Videoconferenza tra l’Antartide e un liceo di Londra

    As a result of being the Communications Officer for the 2011 E-Base Mission in Antarctica, we were able to host over a dozen Skype calls. One…

South is the Way Forward.

Coverage for the Inspire Antarctica Expedition 2011 from our friends at

Ocean University: All Minds On Deck | article on Core77

I begin 2010 with great coverage by my friends at Core77 who have graciously invited me to contribute an article for their January Core

featured work on SlideShare | Social Media Rockstars

Social Media Rockstars is a workshop I gave in 2009. It was based on trends, common misunderstandings and the outlook in the field.

sunrise breakfast show TV Interview | Australia

I was interviewed in LIVE tv inside my cabin on the MV Oceanic II while we were in Sydney.

TV3 Interview | New Zealand

I was interviewed by TV Channel 3 of New Zealand about the experience aboard The Scholar Ship.

El Universo Newspaper Interview | Ecuador

Interview with El Universo, the national newspaper of Ecuador during my week in the country as part of  The Scholar Ship.