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AMP Amplify Festival 2013

The first week of June 2013, I had the honor of traveling to Sydney, Australia for the AMP Amplify Ideas Festival.

The internal event at AMP focuses on bringing innovation and insights into the latest global trends in finance, markets and thought leadership.

Falling Walls Conference

I participated in the Falling Walls Lab 2011 and presented MATTERNET as part of the 2011 Falling Walls Conference in Berlin, Germany.

Autodesk IDEAS

I participated in Autodesk’s IDEAS, an exclusive gathering of thought leaders for the purpose of exploring design—as a systematic approach to problem-solving and innovation, encompassing form, function, and performance—and its impact on corporate and societal success.

We are Ocean | Speaker at Humanity+ Summit 2010

Ocean is a design collaborative at Sea. In this talk at Harvard, I spoke about the plan, how we are structuring the organization and the initiatives we are undertaking, such as

Design Research Conference 2010

Design is Diplomacy | Speaker at the Design Research Conference 2010

My talk focused on a project that I was part of in Ecuador through my semester aboard The Scholar Ship. The academic week in Ecuador was supported by UNICEF and UNDP.

Social Media Workshop at MIW

I had the opportunity to speak to students of the Music Industry Workshop in Chicago. The 3-hour long program gave students a depth of understanding of how to use Social Media in their Music Industry Management curriculum.