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International Experience, Advocacy & Activism.

Methods & Frameworks Pathfinder

Since March 2020, I’ve been collaborating with Explorers’ Lab in Silicon Valley on initiatives to reimagine the Future of Work as the Covid-19 pandemic began. The Methods &…

Guest Speaker: Territory Studio, London UK

In November 2018, I was invited to give a talk to Territory Studio about my project Tactile Astronomy: Teaching Astronomy to blind youth. The talk + briefing was…

Speaker: ARUP London – Foresight Research & Innovation Team

In November 2018, I was invited as guest speaker for ARUP’s Foresight, Research & Innovation team in London UK to give them a talk about innovations and trends…

Speaker: «Paving the way for The Roadless Economy» at the European UAV Trade Show in London UK

In November 2018, as Co-founder of Aria Logistics and Matternet, I was invited to give a talk in Europe’s largest commercial UAV trade show in London UK. We…

(English) 2018 Falling Walls LAB – New Zealand

(English) The Inaugural Falling Walls LAB is set to take place in September 2018.

(English) Speaker: Newkind Festival in Tasmania

(English) In March 2017, the Tactile Education team shared the journey of building new educational experiences through accesible technologies in Tasmania.

Speaker: PLATOON Mexico

En Julio de 2016 dí una plática en PLATOON Ciudad de México con la temática de El Futuro Del Trabajo.

2017: Innovation Nation Grand Challenge

The Innovation Nation Grand Challenge is an open call for New Zealanders to tackle the most pressing challenges in their communities. It’s goal is to catalyze ideas and innovations into inventions, thus building 
 in-country capabilities, next-generation industries and national resilience.

Fellowship Participant: Inaugural MIT SOLVE 2015

In October 2015, I was invited with a fellowship to participate in the inaugural SOLVE Conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

IBM Watson

In June 2013, I was invited by IBM to be part of a panel for applications of IBM Watson in Australasia.

Now Platoon Member #5911

I am now part of Platoon Berlin. 2012 Fellows Application

Read my essay, recommendation letter and view a video for my application and more.

Renewable Energy Expedition 2011

I was part of the Renewable Energy Expedition 2011 which was organized by ACORE (the American Council of Renewable Energy and 2041).

Communications Officer for the 2011 E-Base Mission

In March 2011, I was invited to be part of the 2011 Educational Base (E-Base) of 2041. The E-Base is located on the edge of the Russian Bellingshausen base in King George Island, Antarctica.

Inspire Antarctica Expedition 2011

I was part of IAE11 this March. I recorded a Higher Education Podcast series of the experience which included living 10 days in Antarctica.

Advisor at LifeBoat Foundation

I was honored in mid-December 2010 to be invited to join the Media & Arts Advisory Board of the lifeboat foundation.

Design is Diplomacy | Speaker at the Design Research Conference 2010

My talk focused on a project that I was part of in Ecuador through my semester aboard The Scholar Ship. The academic week in Ecuador was supported by UNICEF and UNDP.

Design Strategy: Designers Accord EDUtoolkit

One-hundreed individuals from the world’s most distinguished academic and professional institutions convened for two days of highly participatory discussion, planning, and action around the topic of design education and sustainability. The output of the Summit is an online toolkit now available for anyone.

Ning Community for KAUST

Between 2008 and 2010 I volunteered, created and managed a Ning-based social network for King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

Social Media Consulting for Intranet Benchmarking Forum

Designed, implemented and conducted training on Social Media, Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media Organizer for The Scholar Ship*

As Community Manager, I facilitated the advance creation of 12+ student groups eight months prior to embarkation; Spearheaded early networking (sourcing for scholarships, planning of independent travel, creation of onboard life programs, simulations and seminars among others).

Podcast Producer of Nauticast

Designed the curriculum and produced a Higher Education Podcasting Series called NautiCast, which was recorded onboard the MV Oceanic II cruise ship.

Nuclear Systems Engineer at Siemens Molecular Imaging

I developed IEEC benchmarking tests for the new generation of medical detectors that began to be sold in 2008 in the Symbia, e.Cam and c.Cam product lines.

Campus Leadership at Western Illinois University

My seven years at Western during my Bachelor and Master’s I heavily invested in my passion: interconnecting people. I focused in international work and we did wonderful things.

Semester Abroad: Technische Universitat Munchen | 2001

Through the DAAD, I attended «High Tech In Old Munich»: A language, culture and science summer program that included visits to companies in Munich and the surrounding area.